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Pure Peppermint Essential Oil Soy Candle - Glass Tureen, 6-12oz

  • $ 16.99

The purest Peppermint Essential Oil has been added to our organic soy wax to make a truly exceptional quality candle.

From the first time you take off the lid, you will feel cool, energized and refreshed each time you use candle. 

The fresh peppermint essential oil is great for easing headaches and congestion. It's also known for keeping certain bugs away.

Also available with pure beeswax

Color: White / No Added Color 



6oz - 3.5" diameter, 2" tall

Burn time: 30+ hours

12oz - 4.1" diameter, 2.6" tall (double wicked for an even burn)

Burn time: 65+ hours

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