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16oz Soy Candle in Apothecary Jar - Double Wicked - Wooden Wick

  • $ 22.99

Once you've found the perfect scent, order it in a larger size. Here you will find every scent we've chosen to carry because they're simply awesome. We also carry a 12 and 26oz option.

Color: White / No Color Added

Wooden Wicks provide a bit of crackling and a unique flame line! 

This listing is for a double wicked wooden wick candle. Cotton wicks are also available. 

Scents: It's pretty hard to keep a list up to date with new scents each season. If it is up for sale on the website but not on the list, select OTHER SCENT and when you check out, be sure to type in the scent you wish to have.


These are made to order, shipped double boxed and take 24-36 hours to cure

16oz - 4" diameter, 4" tall

Double wicked for clean and even burning

Burn time: 80+ hours when used properly  

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