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Beeswax Wax Melts

  • $ 8.00

Our fine tuned blend of pure beeswax and cold pressed coconut oil. This mixture allows for an amazingly long lasting melt. Wonderful unscented or with a scent added. Offered with essential oils or high quality fragrance oil blends.

Enjoy 20-30+ hours of fragrance when you place each fresh cube into yours electric warmer. Standard use is typically one to two wax cubes at a time, depending on the size of the warmer used and user preference. 

Each wax melt purchase comes in a plastic clam-shell case and contains 6 melts. Total wax weight is about 3oz and total melt time (1 cube at a time) would be 100 hours minimum. 

For your convenience I have listed whether a scent is essential oil or fragrance oil but you can always contact me directly if you are curious or want to try something new. 

EO = essential oil only 

FO = high quality fragrance oil

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