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Garden Mint Soy Candle - Glass Tureen, 6-12oz

  • $ 16.99

Garden Mint Soy Candle in our Heavy Glass Tureens

Have you ever planted a mint plant in your garden? We planted one applemint plant in our garden several years ago and now there's about 1000 individual plants back there. It sure smells lovely though and works wonderfully for my mojito habit.

If you've ever harvested mint fresh from the garden, you'll recognize the earthy tones and true-to-smell mint plant scent of this candle. You can smell the mint, dirt and plant in this blend.

Color:White (no colors added)


6oz - 3.5" diameter, 2" tall

Burn time: 30+ hours

8oz - 4" diameter, 2.5" tall

Burn time: 40+ hours

12oz - 4.1" diameter, 2.6" tall (double wicked for an even burn)

Burn time: 65+ hours

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