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Honeysuckle Jasmine Soy Candle

  • $ 12.99

Honeysuckle Jasmine Candle in our Heavy Glass Tureens

This one reminds me of my childhood. I had a friend that showed me how to pluck honeysuckle flowers and suck out the sweet nectar flavor. It is an unforgettable fragrance that reminds me fondly of spring and youth.

Honeysuckle Jasmine captures the essence perfectly of its namesake. It has just the right amount of honeysuckle and jasmine scents bringing out a sweet, soft and warm floral delight. It's a very strongly scented candle but isn't cloying or overpowering. 

Colors: Yellow


3.3oz - 3" diameter, 2" tall

Burn time: 20+ hours

8oz - 4" diameter, 2.5" tall

Burn time: 40+ hours

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