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2oz Soy Candles - Sample Sizes

  • $ 2.49

It's hard to buy new candles online without sampling them first. With these you can try any scent we have in stock for a low price. 

These 2oz Candles will burn for 8-12hrs each and are strictly for sampling. I offer the same options for party favors as well. If you need more for an event please contact me for pricing. This is a great way to sample a new scent and save money at the same time.

All natural products that are eco-friendly. This candle only has the purest essential oil added.

Also available in beeswax


These are made to order.

Colors will vary according to scent - If you want no color please specify with your order


1.75" diameter, 2" tall.

Burn time: 8+ hours when used properly.

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