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Lemon Verbena Pure Beeswax Candle

  • $ 16.99

Lemon Verbena will delight your senses with its clean and slightly tangy blend of lemon, lime, grapefruit, lavender, geranium rose & lemongrass. It also carries a very light hint of musk.

This is a very clean lemon scented candle with that sharp lemon pop, laced with notes of verbena, lavender and geranium rose. This scent is an excellent odor eliminator.

We use natural essential oils, including Citronella, Lemon and Litsea in this one. 

Beeswax are natural air purifiers. As they burn they will release negative ions into the air that trap and eliminate pollutants. *Beeswax is typically safer to use around anyone with allergies or asthma.

Also available as a soy wax candle type.

Color: Soft Yellow


3.3oz - 3" diameter, 2" tall

Burn time: 30+ hours

8oz - 4" diameter, 2.5" tall

Burn time: 50+ hours


*Results may vary from person to person

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