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Decorative Beeswax Wax Melts

  • $ 9.99

These gorgeous beeswax melts are a tad larger than our other type and feature a hex design with honeycomb or cute bee. It will almost be a shame to melt them down and release their amazing fragrance within. 

Our fine tuned blend of pure beeswax and cold pressed coconut oil. This mixture allows for an amazingly long lasting melt. Wonderful unscented or with a scent added. Offered with essential oils or high quality fragrance oil blends.

Enjoy 25-35+ hours of fragrance when you place each fresh cube into yours electric warmer. Standard use is typically one to two wax cubes at a time, depending on the size of the warmer used and user preference. 

Each wax melt purchase comes with 8 decorative melts. Each melt is about 0.6oz. Total wax weight is about 7.2oz and total melt time (1 cube at a time) would be 100 hours minimum. 

For your convenience I have listed whether a scent is essential oil or fragrance oil but you can always contact me directly if you are curious or want to try something new. 

EO = essential oil only

FO = high quality fragrance oil

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