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Protect & Purify Smudge Spray - Sage Smudge - Cedar Smudge

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Due to supply issues stemming from Covid-19 we are currently unable to get any 4oz bottles.

My Protect & Purify blend combine the aromatic oils of cedar and sage, amethyst quartz, sea salt and sage leaves. Breathe in the pure organic ingredients and enjoy the pleasant aromatherapy of this smudge spray. Bask in the healing and purifying power of sage.

Sage provides protection and purification and can kill some airborne bacteria. Cedar offers a woodsy aromatic that encourages relaxation, concentration and strength of mind. The charged amethyst offers healing and attracts good energy.

These are available in 4oz or 8oz in clear plastic spray bottles.

When the energy in a home doesn't flow as it should, you may feel unease, have trouble sleeping or even
find yourself picking a fight with a loved one. The energy is just wrong and you need a fresh start which
can only be brought on by bringing harmony and light into the space.

My smudge spray is the perfect alternative for those who wish to smudge away the bad vibes and bring positivity
into your soul but maybe you don't
want to physically burn sage or herbs for one reason or another (such as the smoke irritates you or a loved one
or you set off the smoke alarm or worse.)

Smudge Spray also can be used to improve your mood by banishing the negativity that can cause depression, anxiety
and stress. Clear your mind and increase your concentration. It's literally like taking in a big breath of the freshest
most promising air ever.

Smudging is an ancient practice that usually uses the burning of sage leaves and movement of crystals
through the smoke, while invoking chants and mantras to banish the bad energy. The twenty first century has
simplified this sacred tradition and now you can spray this smudging spray anywhere in your home, directly
onto items and enjoy a refreshing fragrance along with its mystical and magical healing properties.

// Ingredients //
Each smudge spray is infused with purified and distilled water, spiritually charged quartz crystals, high quality therapeutic grade
essential oils, and organically grown dried herbs and flowers along with either sea salt or pink Himalayan salt.
A small amount of Witch-hazel is added as a preservative. It's natural for the dried herbs to deteriorate somewhat in the liquid and become discolored as they break down.

// Directions //
Simply spray on yourself, your items and all areas of your home as needed. This smudge is skin safe (though I wouldn't recommend drinking or spraying
into your eyes) and is safe to use around pets and children. The safety and usability of all of my products is extremely important to me.
I don't make or sell anything that I myself would not use around my pets and family.
When smudging your home, move from room to room spraying all four corners where the ceilings and walls meet.
Recite a positive mantra and think with clear and positive intention. Repeat as needed to maintain the balance and harmony.

// When to use //
Clear up negative energy, moved into a new place and you wish to purify it, cleanse the air, improve sleep,
remove tension, uplift mood and increase positive energy

// Extra Info //
All smudge sprays are made to order with positive intentions to ensure freshness and spiritual purpose.
There are no synthetic dyes, additives or fragrances.

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