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About Soy Candles

Soybeans are primarily grown in the United States. The wax is the hydrogenated form of pure soybean oil. It is known for burning longer than paraffin wax and is the more earth friendly choice. If you are searching for a gift for someone who is practices the Vegan lifestyle, this is an excellent option since it is completely plant based and has no animal byproducts. 

Soy wax can react differently with dyes and certain oils, so you may get slight discoloration over time, or frosting mark on the top or sides of the candle. Only certain scents are affected by this. If you don't want to see this, I recommend purchasing a candle in a round tin.

When you have burned a soy candle you might notice the top will become a tad shiny or crumbly. This is normal and will not affect the candles lifespan. 

My candles are absolutely 100% free of any additives that will improve burn time or fragrance. Because of this they are not only more earth friendly, they are cheaper and healthier for you and your family. Soy wax already burns longer than many store bought candles made of paraffin without these additives. Soy wax is naturally off-white though some essential plant oils (ie. Honeysuckle colors slightly yellow) can color the wax.

Ingredient Sample List:

  • 100% Additive-free Soy wax
  • 33% Essential Oil per 8oz candle
  • Vegetable oil dipped cotton wick (aluminum base)
  • Plant based Soy Dyes when used 

How to care for your candle:

When not in use, try to keep the lid on the candle. It's best to store it in a dark, dry location. It's important to note that a candle that may initially have a lighter scent throw can strengthen with some age. 

If your wick is smoking or flickering, make sure to trim it to 1/4" and try again. The wicks should automatically trim themselves but sometimes they don't. 

To get the most out of your candle, allow it to burn long enough to create a wax pool from edge-to-edge. Continually blowing it out before it can do this can cause tunnelling and lower the lifespan of the candle.

Ideally you don't want a candle to burn longer than 4 hours and never leave it unsupervised, around pets or children. Never burn close to things that may catch fire easily. I recommend placing them on your fireplace mantel if you have one.