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Looking ahead to 2018 -- new products and ones going away soon

Posted by Kim Ringenbach on

One of the most common requests I get about my candles are that people wished they came in a larger size. After much thinking (and lots of math calculations) I have decided that starting in 2018, or slightly before if I have time, that I'll be switching from 3.3oz glass tureens to 6oz glass tureens for my primary sale size. I'm going to continue to carry the 3.3oz but focus them as being my new style/size for wedding favors and the like. There will be a slight increase for the larger size but it won't be doubled or anything. 

In addition to this, I am super excited to be adding 12oz tureens that I hope to implement wooden wicks in this size. Wooden wicks are just as safe and efficient as cotton, but they will provide a nice crackling sound as they burn.  These would be double wicked also to ensure an even burn.  (12/20/17: These are now available to purchase with any of the candles!)

In Apothecary Jars, I'll be adding the largest my glass supplier makes: 26 ounces! This jar will likely be triple wicked. I might add wooden wicks as an option for all apothecary jars. 

Lastly, I will be adding wax melts to options. Specifically scented beeswax wax melts though I may add a few soy types.

To say the least I will have to do much experimenting with new wicks and jar sizes to get the best burn and continue offering the best products I can. Because testing is involved I have no specific timeline for offering newer containers for sale. The only I have experience with are 6oz tureens so those might be up in a few weeks.

Discontinued Containers:

2oz hex jars (wedding favors) -- will be upgrading the size of favors to the 3.3oz tureens with a minimum order of only 12. 

4oz hex jars -- consider 3.3oz favors or new 6oz tureens. I was not 100% happy with the burn on the hex jars and couldn't consider keeping them in a line I want to perfect! 

Discontinued Scents: (don't worry, I'll be adding new ones too including some new essential oils.)

Abercrombie Fierce

Cassia & Amber

Cold Water

Cucumber Mint (beeswax)

Island Hibiscus

Juniper Breeze

Lemon Pound Cake

Pineapple Sage


 Personal News for 2018:

After a relocation from Alabama, waiting for a home to sell, renting, we have finally put an offer in on our next house and it's quite the dream. The basement has a finished area for me to make SO many candles and goodies. I am even considering hiring that part time employee that I desperately need! We hope to be moving in towards the end of January, so orders might be a bit slow that week while we get moved in. Please keep that in mind when ordering!

Keep checking back for blog posts about the launch of these new products as well as consider joining the mailing list! You can sign up for the newsletter at the bottom of any of the pages on this website! 

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