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New Whiskey Candle Blends!

Posted by Kim Ringenbach on

I am so excited to be finally getting around to launching these fully. Last Christmas while bogged down, frantically making and fulfilling orders, I came up with this idea. I had sat down with a shot of Fireball (my absolute favorite alcoholic treat) at the end of the day and fleshed it out in my mind. Whiskey comes in all sorts of flavors, but I hadn't seen or experienced any of those options in a candle. Well why not? 

I immediately decided when I had more free time (which usually isn't until late Spring) to make and create the scents, fragrance load and do several test burns. 

Around this time I also launched a separate business of custom art and vinyl decal stickers at (because why not? I'm already insanely busy, why not just add on more to the pile.) It took off pretty amazingly and kept me extremely busy all summer. I hired a helper who fills in a few times a week, and finally I was able to get around to more testing.

The results of my custom blends were amazing and even now the ideas and opportunity of whiskey compilations flood my mind. So more are likely to come!

Until now, I offer to you five scents:

Apple, Vanilla, Cinnamon, Pumpkin and Honey! As you'd expect you will get strong notes of each type mixed with the rich smokey whiskey I currently offer. You can now buy individually, or create your own bundle from 2, 3 or all 5 candles in box 4.5oz or 8oz glass tumbler jars.

I hope you consider trying one with your next order and remember them come Christmastime for any whiskey lovers in your circle! 

You can buy the whiskey candles by clicking here!

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