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New Customized Candles in Straight Sided Jars

Posted by Kim Ringenbach on

I've spent most of this week creating new customization options for my new jar types. These are 4.5 and 8oz available in both beeswax or soy, and all of the scents we carry. You can choose something funny, inspirational or sassy to be put on the lid. These are ideal for gift giving or funny/inspirational room decor.

Some are a bit racy, so because of this I decided to put the labels on the lids, just like with most of my other candles. This way, if you do not want to display the message on the lid, you can hide or discard it, while leaving your beautiful candle in full view.

Customize Christmas and Birthday gifts. Wedding Favors, Birth Announcements, Corporate Thank yous and many more to come. 

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